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Message from Samuel T. Reddy Author of Leavers to Leaders

“Being a citizen of two commonwealth nations made me realise the importance of creating lasting value where success is about significant, leaders not only need impactful learning to enrich their lives, but also need to prepare the next generation of leaders which is a largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance”.

In 2019 Leavers to Leaders had a 10-year vision –YL2L 2030: To run leadership sustainability training, to develop this generation and the next- which is all in line with the Development Goals 4 (SDGs) to improve youth literacy. We have now rooted the SDG 4 across all our training platforms, including and in particular our workshops in not just the formal training programme but in all aspects of our leadership development accelerators for senior & middle management. Through a strong dedication from the top, and the passion and energy of Samuel T. Reddy, CEO of TriExForces Leadership we are now partnering with companies & organisations under the Development Goals 17 (SDG17) that understand how the multiplier effect of literacy empowers children, to enable them to participate fully in society and contributes to improving communities. The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub is a fully sustainable project involving every member of society from corporate, and businesses, to young adults to improve youth literacy while they become influential leaders of the community.

Aim of our book club

Aim of the club The aim of the SCB book club is to improve the youth literacy of the underprivileged in Mauritius. The mission of the SCB book club is to promote youth literacy in a positive, nurturing environment, especially for underprivileged children who need distinctive surroundings. We believe that every child needs to be encouraged to appreciate and love reading a book and along with this, we aim to create a safe space for any child to express themselves, talk freely and interact at their own pace. This is often not possible in school and even at home. Subsequently, our aim is to bring both parents/guardians together in a community where they can bond together.

How will this club help children in Mauritius?

The Book club aims to promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. The club’s objective is to build confidence in young children based on a story of a Mauritian boy who is simple at sight but special on the inside. The aim is also to develop character in young children aged 7 to 11. Studies will show that a child’s character is developed up to this age. The club will appeal to a wide range of young readers but most importantly help children to build character, develop confidence and become more creative. The club will definitely bring a new vision to the youngsters of today by encouraging them to take interest in reading a book. It will help to improve their way of looking at a book and learn the lessons that we can take out of reading, each book has an underlining theme based around character building.

‘We want the kids who come from underprivileged families to know that they have the full right to enjoy reading and have a happy childhood too’, says Manisha Kundoo who is responsible for partnership and leads a club in Vacoas.

History of the programme:

Leavers To Leaders is 25 years of work compiled in a seven steps methodology by Samuel T. Reddy who is passionate about seeing the best in leaders. He is a visionary global leader, leadership transition strategist, author, researcher and an impact entrepreneur based in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Born in Mauritius from a working-class family and speaks English, Creole and fluent French. Samuel used his passion to reinvent himself and continuously improve his transitional journey. Now he’s ready to put his considerable focus on a new mission: to elevate the lives of thousands of others who are frustrated, undervalued and overlooked. Samuel is a multi-award-winning member of the British Armed Forces, and an International Bestselling author of the book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached an #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Introduce your approach to integrating SDG 4 & SDG17 into sustainable leadership.

Since 2019 TriExForces Leadership has adopted an early signatory to cultivate sustainable leaders to solve the world’s greatest challenges as part of the Leaders Operating System (L.O.S). The close alignment of the L.O.S with YL2L mission and values plays a central role in our training, research and partnership policies and strategies. As a training organisation operating in the UK and the Sub Saharan Africa, we want to strategically position ourselves to develop leaders who not only can deal with the context of change and adapt unique leadership approach to challenges of the future but also develop new strategies when it comes to dealing with ambiguity and leadership to move forward. Hence why we are also aligned with SDG17 – partnership for the goals to issues such as ensuring quality education for all, access to primary & secondary education, early childhood development, relevant skills for decent work, gender equality and inclusion, universal youth and adult literacy and educating our youth for sustainable development and global citizenship. At Leavers to Leaders, we believe in a better self for a better world.

Why is this important by Niamh Allen, Former County Director of The British Council of Mauritius?

Message from our partner Jacques M D’Unienville CEO of Omnicane:

Message from Professor Martin Broad, Dean of Winchester University in the UK:

Message from Alyssia on how to be a part of this initiative:

Our seal of commitment is ‘Buy One, Support One. Our CPC model (Creativity, Problem-solving & Confidence) is designed to have this in mind, and this is why we are on a mission to support as many children from an underprivileged background to join ‘The SugarCane Boy BookClub’ under our seal of commitment, ‘Buy One, Support One’-B.O.S.O ™. We are now putting teams in place to deliver our accelerators to 1000 young children in Mauritius while developing sustainable leaders for social justice.

Message from our ambassador:

What’s next?  Over the next few months, in responding to Covid change, we are engaging with committed people & organisations who are aligned with our mission of IMPROVING YOUTH LITERACY as part of SDG4 & SDG17.

Who can join?  Anyone can be a part of this especially:

  1. Locals who want a change in their community.
  2. Individuals who want to make a meaningful impact.
  3. Corporate who want to give back.

How be a part of the L2L Team?

To become a Team Member, Team Leader and Mentor you will need time, we ask all our members to allocate us a minimum of 3hrs a month. You will be able to grow yourself and your membership from Bronze to Platinum to benefit from the full range of services by Leavers to Leaders. We run two weekly group hugs where you get to meet other team members. To stay on the team, you will need to meet your 3hrs monthly commitment. Your participation will be accessed by a team leader in return for you to access the Leavers To Leaders- everyone has an influence group so you can be part of the L2L Team and become relevant, rigorous and responsive. You will be invited to take our leadership influence scorecard to understand your own leadership influence.

L2L Members are responsible for the running of ‘The SugarCane Boy BookClub’, information gathering for a smooth book club for our young adults who are selected from the schools & colleges in a highly accurate and timely manner. To do this effectively, L2L members are embedded in all parts of our operations, club support, partnership, communication & crisis team.

All L2L members are readers first and have a passion for reading and learning. As you move from a Bronze to Platinum member, you will complete a 6-week intensive training to maintain your own leadership, and ability to lead others and operate in austere conditions so you can lead our young adults by example.

The 4 levels of membership

How to join? Simply complete the form below and a member of the onboard team will be in touch.

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