Leadership Team

Andy Lai

Ambassador Winchester England

Having served in two police forces, Andy has a passion to serve the public. Today as a future electoral candidate for Winchester, also want to serve underprivileged communities by being an ambassador for Winchester:

It is my honour to be nominated as ambassador for Winchester. I truly believe that knowledge changes life. Book reading is the best way to gain knowledge.

Jenisha Bye Ramma-Mohabeer

Head of Commercial

Jenisha is an entrepreneur  and owner of Le Relié Consultancy & Le Relié Crafts. Since a young age and through her rich HR career, Jenisha has always been fascinated and involved by social works, primarily by its positive impact and influence on society and people.

“Reading is the spinal cord for the next generation progression & I wish to make a difference in Mauritius to promote kids’ literacy ” 

Linking companies and private educational institutions to align with the SCB concept, through her work as Head of Commercial is a true honour and privilege for Jenisha.

Anju Ramodhin

Ambassador East Coast

Meet Anju Ramodhin, our Ambassador for Flacq. She is an MBA holder and works for the Mauritius Qualification Authority. She joined us as a member and as a Team Leader. Her potential and dedication led her to become of our Ambassadors. The SugarCane Boy is really please to count her among our leaders.

“ I firmly believe that motivating children to becomes readers means giving them the key to a worldwide community, all children deserve the opportunity to learn to use reading in their lives to become literate.”


Mathieu Rivet

Ambassador West Coast

Having grown up in the cane fields and having been very influenced by reading since he was young, thanks to his father, The SugarCane Boy peaked into his interest, when he stumbled upon it on Facebook. His story in his own words:

“ I deeply believe in the importance of reading in a child’s development but as Samuel T. Reddy says so well, supervision is also very important. I think that the mix of the 2 that our group brings will do a lot of good to many children and gradually to parents”

Chelvin Ramsamy

Ambassador Savanne

Meet Chelvin Ramsamy, our 1st Ambassador in Mauritius.  He holds a First-Class Bachelor of Laws (LLB, Hons), a Master of Laws (LLM, International Business Law), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Certificate of Ethics and Professional Practice. He is currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PG Cert HE), a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PG Dip HRM), the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and the New Zealand Law and Practice Exams (NZLPE) while being a mentee of the Young ICCA Programme.

He has a passion for serving society and it was through his efforts that his village of L’Escalier was nominated as the first-ever International City of Peace in Mauritius in June 2020.

Dharvin Appadu

Head of Operations | Trainee Mentor
Meet Dharvin Appadu, joining us to become our Head of Operations and the 1st member to undergo our mentorship programme – a military style leadership training to become our mentor for the ‘Young Leavers To Leaders’.
“Always believing that Teamwork is important to achieve things, he connected so many people deemed to take the Bookclub at a very high level.”
This Accounts Officer, working in the Hospitality Sector for the past 1 1 years for a well renowned group, is also doing his ACCA qualifications. Dharvin has got a cheerful personality always
ready to help. His values are also aligned with SCB, as he also comes from a modest background and he is always the humble guy you would like to meet.

Reecha Ramoo

Founding Member | Head of PR