B.O.S.O™’ stand for Buy One, Support One.

B.O.S.O™ is our seal of commitment at TriAtis to improve youth literacy so everyone business or individuals can be a part of it.

This means not only you as a parent can enjoy a cuddle time bonding with your child but in doing so, you are also enable an underprivileged child to read a book in our club. If you are a school or organisation, you will need to purchase licence agreement in order to read our books in a commercial or private setting. You may also inquire to have one of our coach to run our Young Leavers To Leaders Programme in your school, so your pupils can join our clubs and develop their public speaking, leadership & build character (This programme is for 14 to17 only). You can also register to have your school / organisation twined with one of our bookclubs around the island.

Please email info@TriAtis.Global and we will send you a pack to register. You can also read more about copyright law of TriAtis Publications here: Rules & Regulations.