Omnicane joins hands with The SugarCane Boy Bookclub

The SugarCane Boy is delighted to announce Omnicane as our official partner supporting the The SugarCane Boy Bookclub, an initiative that was generated last year. Aiming to promote childhood literacy across Mauritius, the movement has been growing constantly despite being delayed to carry forward due to the sanitary condition going on in the island. However, our hopes are still up as we hopefully see the set-up of at least 5 book clubs in the south of the island and two to three more in the east, as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

Since 2019 TriAtis took the commitment to improve youth literacy as part of our alignment to SDG4. When you improve youth literacy in a country, the multiplier effect empowers children, enables them to participate fully in society and contributes to improve communities. As a Leadership training organisation, we want to take this further by preparing the next generation of leaders to become global citizens. This is when ‘The SugarCane Boy BookClub’ started out. A lockdown project based on a book series by Alyssia A. Reddy about a boy who is simple at sight, special on the insight and discovers he has superpowers by the sugar cane he consumes.

In a message that Jacques M d’Unienville, the Chief Executive Officer Omnicane sent to Alyssia A. Reddy, he stated:

“First and foremost, let me congratulate Alyssia Reddy for being such a talented young author and for having chosen to value sugarcane and the homeland of her parents in her adventure series. Omnicane is indeed very delighted to be part of the Sugarcane Boy Book club initiative in Mauritius. Sugarcane which happens to be the oldest cultivated crop on the island has played a significant role in shaping our social, environmental and economic landscape. This wonder crop is today at the heart of Omnicane’s sustainable circular business model enabling its valorization into refined sugar and several co-products like renewable bagasse-based electricity, bioethanol and biofertilizers. The Sugarcane Boy book club’s objective of promoting education and reigniting the passion for reading amongst the youth is truly aligned with Omnicane’s Corporate Social Responsibility priorities. Furthermore, the special focus on children from deprived regions in the south of Mauritius adhere to Omnicane’s engagement towards its neighbouring communities. I wish Alyssia and all those behind the Sugarcane Boy Book club project a successful journey.”

To which Alyssia delightfully responded:

Having Omnicane as the partner of ‘The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub’ is such a natural alignment and knowing how they also value youth literacy make them a great partner. Furthermore, in the west, we talk a lot  about sustainability as we are becoming more aware of our impact on the world; Omnicane took it several steps further to turn sugarcane into energy. From a young age, my dad Samuel T. Reddy has been educating us about our home country. It is time for Mauritius to have its own superhero whose power comes from sugarcane and we want to help bring sugarcane and their sustainability into the attention of the world as all parts of the crop can contribute to the betterment of our planet for the future generations. We look forward to have other organisations following this example and join TriAtis seal of commitment B.O.S.O.™

Would you like to be a part of this project, become a member of support us as a partner? Find out more here: Join us


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