Leena Pem Sewpaul

Her childhood dream was to be a teacher.  Through sheer perseverance, she achieved her dream of becoming a teacher.  The one who strongly believes that teaching is not a profession but a PASSION, Leena Pem Sewpaul, has dedicated 24 years of her life to the education sector.  Leena has been teaching Mathematics, Chemistry and Human values during the course of her career.  She also got the opportunity to be actively involved in the preparation of the human values booklet for college students.  With the experience garnered over the years she took the challenge of setting up her own institution, Elite Business School in Ebene, which has been a great success in changing the lives of many students in achieving their dreams. 

Leena has the privilege to witness how passionate teaching can inspire students to become good citizens and effective leaders in bringing meaningful changes to society. Leena is not only involved in education, but also dedicates her life to the service of the society.  With this mission in mind, she joined the Rotary Club of Beau Bassin Rose Hill as she is aligned with their motto “Service Above Self”.  Her motivation in joining the Rotary club in 2018 was to extend her support to the society and to bring a positive impact through the fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Her dedication at club level has been recognized by her peers and fellow Rotarians for the work she accomplished with the youngsters and has now been entrusted the responsibility of the Director of New Generation in the club. This gives her the opportunity to work with the youngsters of the Interact and Rotaract clubs.  She coaches them on the different projects they undertake and at the same time to enhance their leadership skills.Leena is thrilled to be part of “The Sugar Cane Boy” project; thanks to Rotarian Anju who referred her to the book club.  Reading is a laudable initiative and must be encouraged since early childhood. This will open a world of opportunities to the young generations and will shape their lives.  Leena acknowledges that education, a key area of focus in Rotary as well, has a meaningful impact on the development of children. Through this project Leena looks forward to the involvement of interactors and rotaractors, as well as parents to make it an astounding success.

At the end of the day, her dream is to be able to trigger in each child the desire to read more to develop an inquisitive mind, thus becoming acquisitive in discovering the wonderful world we live in and the legacy we will live in our lives.  Special thanks to Samuel T. Reddy for this opportunity and the great team working together as ONE.

“Books train your mind to imagination to think big – Taylor Swift