Quatre Bornes, March 08, 2021

New hope arises on the horizon, as 7 women join in their hands, as founders to promote childhood literacy across Mauritius. As of the 27th March 2021, The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub of L’Escalier, the first of many others, will open its door to accommodate children, aged between 7-11 years old. Based on her book ‘The Sugarcane Boy’, Alyssia A. Reddy takes a step forward and aims at encouraging and spreading literacy among the children of Mauritius, as an ode to her country.


Founders of The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub have hence taken the initiative to take her pledge ahead through the recruitment of volunteers to open and conduct a regional book club in their respective villages. Each club will be led by Team Leaders, and their objective will be focused on developing a high sense of creativity in reading, writing, and story-telling among the little members of book club. Consequently, the founders and leaders will accompany these children, for 8 weeks, while monitoring and helping them to improve their reading and writing abilities.

This incentive forms part of TriAtis’ noble commitment, where in the last few years the company has enabled 100 kids to go to school daily in Togo. This year, TriAtis has set on a mission to enable at least 1000 kids, mainly from an underprivileged background in Mauritius to read a book under their seal of commitment ‘B.O.S.O‘ Buy One, Support One. Together, TriAtis and its team wish to contribute in helping to create a long-lasting change and a brighter future for children, families, and individuals in their community, but also reliable global citizens of tomorrow.

“There is something very special about The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub for the children at L’Escalier, also known as the Village of peace. The creation of the book club goes beyond the fundamentals of reading as the book itself relates to the story of each child native of this village. Sugarcane, lush & green, rivers, valleys is the landscape that L’Escalier has to offer to every child to becoming Sam, the Sugar Boy. There was no reason why the first book club would not have been at L’Escalier”, says Roma Purseramen, the founder of L’Escalier’s SCB book club.

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About the Author:

The TriATIS Way

Alyssia is the eldest daughter of Samuel T. Reddy born during the busiest time of his military career and is one of the youngest authors of a British veteran in the UK. She is the winner of the young writer’s award 2020 in the UK, a school librarian and class captain. She has been passionate about books from the young age of 7. As a 1st generation of British – Mauritian born in Hampshire England she speaks English, French & Creole.