Alyssia A. Reddy


Alyssia is the eldest daughter of Samuel T. Reddy  born during the busiest time of his military career and is one of the youngest author of a British veteran in the UK. She is the winner of the young writers award 2020 in the UK, a school librarian and class captain. She has been passionate about books from the young age of 7.  As a 1st generation of British – Mauritian born in Hampshire England she speaks English, French & Creole.

Her book ‘The SugarCane Boy‘ is aimed at children from the ages of 7-11 as this is the age where daily reading needs to be something that is implemented and institutionalised into their everyday lives, as many of the younger range of gen Z are not engaged with the reading aspect of education. This series of books will bring a newfound sense of creation and wonder into their lives.

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